Subject: Re: Various ramblings... / Re: Modem? / ...
To: David Leonard <>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/27/1995 15:53:23
>Out of interest, are you doing this `internet site' for profit?

No, it has to pay itself. I don't have work at the moment but our country,
The Netherlands, has a welfare system that is and will support me for my
primary human conditions.

If, by having created a site, that would be an income (to support me in
buying my own food, living and (but not essential) could give me te
posibility to work to get my own financial independence/responsebillety in
life (no welfare system, no girlfriend, or even worse parents that pay for
my extra's in live(a book to read, a film to watch, a computer to pick, to
get to the resources to learn & create!), that would be appriciated.)

So you could say i need it to create rescourses f.i. time to create
something to support myself in my life.

The site's very low-budget, but it could live.

Most importent: it's primary not about me but about getting the site a life.
If i could walk away with my head down or up, i'd like to do that knowing
the site has had anough strenght to survive. I can survive another way.

If it succeeds living for it's own, that's, at the beginning and still the