Subject: Re: PPP on NetBSD/mac68k -- update
To: William Colin Wood <>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/25/1995 22:59:53
On Tue Aug 22 12:22:22 1995, William Colin Wood wrote:
>I have managed to get ncurses to compile fine under NetBSD.  After doing 
>that, ncftp 2.0 compiles just fine.  I haven't tried getting 2.1 to 
>compile yet (I don't think, I may have done it), but I don't believe 
>there should be any serious problems.  BSD curses are known for how much 
>they suck, and in fact the maintainer of BSD curses now recommends that 
>everyone use ncurses.  If I have time, I'll try to compile ncftp 2.1 
>tonight and post the binaries somewhere accessible.

Once I got version 1.9.4 of ncurses, ncftp worked wonderfully in the
new curses mode under netbsd. ;-)

-- Dameon