Subject: Re: Modem?
To: Mack Nagashima <mackn@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/25/1995 14:37:32
>        Well..i have the basic set-up you do and i'm having no problems
>with cu and slip/ppp... i'm using the netbsd.950508 kernel...
> it just me or is there a problem with the 'login'
>command with this kernel?  whenever i use 'login' it cuts me off...or
>crahses the terminal...has anyone else experiences this?

Yes, i'm using login to get to pppd starting and it doesn't show up at
various speeds.
38400 and 57600 are ok, but with some combinations it doesn't, f.i. 19200.
(also, i'm getting flow control errors.)