Subject: Re: IIsi and MacBSD General
To: Ron Legere <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/24/1995 07:17:56
>   1) The kernal complained that I should use booter 1.8. WHere
>  is this beast? 

It's not available yet, but that statement is a lie, anyway.  It'll work
fine for now with 1.6.  1.8 is taking longer than expected to get out,
and that message is to encourage everyone to update to it when it is
available...  Sorry about the confusion.

>   2) Adduser. Is this command not implemented? Or is it in misc or
>  something? 

It's not implemented.  There is, however, a man page for 'adduser' that
describes what you need to do to add a new user.

>   3) Oh, and the installer crashed a couple of times with a 
>   "Trap not implemented error " bomb.

Yeah.  If you give it a larger memory partition, it would probably
be OK.  I think there was a note about that _somewhere_.  Sorry about
the frustration...


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