Subject: Re: Zip Drive Question
To: None <>
From: Aaron David Rosenzweig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/24/1995 12:58:03
	I was one of the people who put MacBSD on a Zip disk.
You are correct, you cannot use Apple's set up software, it won't
work on anything besides Apple disks.

	Use APS powertools version 2.7.6 I believe.  It's 2.7 something.
I don't recall ftp sites for it but you could try Anarchie or look
in the MacBSD documentation within Word and search for the word "jagubox"
that is part of the Nasa url for APS 2.7.x

	I too had an 80 meg drive for my IIx.  I used the same number
of cylinders and tracks that Mkfs used on the 80 meg drive for my Zip
because it had no idea what to use.  This is not the best, because I
don't think I'm using all of my Zip disk space but at least it works.

	Then I used the install software on the Mac side to put the
root, usr, everything on the Zip disk.

	When booting up you need to either be quick and push the
Zip disk right back in almost as soon as it ejects OR read your Zip
online manual or Apple computer manual to find the key combination
to hold that will not eject disks on restart.  I believe the command is:
shift-restart(from special menu)

	Take care,

The bearded Tubist, son of Ginger and Harry, Aaron Rosenzweig.