Subject: Re: Various ramblings...
To: Brian R. Gaeke <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/23/1995 14:05:50
"Brian R. Gaeke" <> sez:
>And then spake Valtteri Vuorikoski as follows:
>> Ken Nakata has randomly hit several keys, resulting in
>> > in its ROM, but Apple SW has no fonts if I'm not mistaken.  Everyting
>> > is sent to the printer as bitmap.  DW is more of an ordinary serial
>>  Which might mean that you get to write your own QuickDraw (-:
>Aurrggh! Sounds like this would be best as MRG stuff, seeing as how quite
>a large bit of QD is in ROM, and if MacOS binary compatibility would be
>somewhere off on the horizon... But would this mean there would have to be
>a QD syscall in an LKM? Aurrggh, indeed.

WHOA!  Hold on!  Back up!  There's no reason for Quickdraw to enter this
discussion.  The only purpose it would serve would be to create bitmaps,
and we already have any number of tools in NetBSD that can do that just
fine.  (X and ghostscript come immediately to mind...)  See my other 
recent posting for more details on what I had in mind.

Hmm... does anyone know if there are any traditional unix tools (aside
from PostScript interpreters) that create raster images?  Some variation 
of troff, perhaps?

-- monroe
P.S. -- Nothing in this message should be interpreted as an insult or an
    angry response; I just wanted to keep the QuickDraw thread from getting
    out of hand.  :-)