Subject: Re: LaTex On macBSD?
To: Hao Wang <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/19/1995 15:48:15
> Is there a LaTex package for MacBSD?  Tex is okay too, I guess.

I got the latest version of TeX & LaTeX off of the CTAN, and it compiled
with no Mac-BSD-specific problems. I think I just used all the BSD defaults.

The hardest part of the exercise was figuring out exactly how the
compile works. I wanted to use the latest-and-greatest kpathsea. I
followed the directions, and, lo and behold, it worked. So when you
download everything, get the help files for web also.

Note: in the LaTeX sorce, you can get a tar file which has most of the
fonts and metrics you'll need. I mention this as I also downloaded the
fonts by themselves. :-)

Also, I have been told (after I got the compilation to work) that the
Amiga NetBSD binaries work on our system, and that they have pre-compiled

Hope this helps.

Take care,