Subject: Re: CERNLIB on macbsd?
To: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/16/1995 11:34:51
I wrote:

>> Has anyone tried to run the CERN library software under MacBSD? which Allen Briggs replied:

>The WWW library?  I'm running two CERN http servers (1 proxy for my
>internal network) on puma.  I'm also running the NetBSD/amiga Arena
>binary on occasion.  If not the WWW library, which?

No, what I'm after is the simulation/data analysis software used in 
nuclear/particle physics developed at CERN.  According to their Web page 
(, they have ported it 
to several Unix platforms, and although this page doesn't list it 
specifically, it has also been ported to Linux.  I was going to try and 
port it to NetBSD myself, but I figured I would see if anyone has 
already done so.
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