Subject: Re: MacIIsi problem
To: Hao Wang <>
From: David Fafard <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/11/1995 21:18:39
>Thanks for the reply.  I got one more question: did you check the serial echo
>and serial console button when you boot it on the IIsi?
>        Thanks a lot.
>        Hao


Don't Panic.

Try using the Kernel NetBSD.950508,  it was specially fortified with 9
essential vitamins
and minerals JUST for the IIsi.  :  )  Works for me!

Also, make sure you partition youre drive with a  slice for root & user AND
a swap slice.
I'm getting by with about 60 meg root-usr and 20 meg swap.
As for the Boot program, check the first three boxes and make sure you give
your Ram (#MB)
1 megabyte less then you actually have. Deselect ram allocation.  (any one
know if this is still applicable?)

Lastly, do not forget to turn 32 addressing ON and virtual memory OFF.
And I found it helpful to boot the Mac 0S with extensions disabled.

Allen, if your listening, thanks for all the effort.
As being the ONLY Mac User in my Unix class, I can finally tell all my Dos
friends that I too, a lowly "Macintoy" user, can also enjoy the privilege
of running Unix. Thanks

Till then,

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