Subject: Re: A little bit farther...
To: Glen Barney <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/10/1995 08:07:35
> But now I've got one I can't figure out.   The kernel boots, but after
> seven or eight commands, regardless of what they are, the system freezes.

This sounds like you're using the 1.0 kernel and binaries.  Please look
into using a more current snapshot from one of the following places:

> No warning, no panic, no coredump, no log messages, no nothing.  Just
> stops!

Actually, the keyboard driver is wedged.  If the machine were configured
for it, you could log in from elsewhere.  If you want to stick with 1.0,
then the suggestion to use dt is a good one.

>   * What is the partition device handle for Swap Slice 1 on the root drive?

/dev/sdXb where X is the unit number of the root drive (watch the boot
process to find the drive <-> unit mapping, basically, unit N is the Nth
disk in SCSI ID order).

>   * Is there a preferred add user script, or do we do it the old fashioned
>      way?

"man adduser" when you install the man pages.  There is not a provided
script/program for it, although there are some "out there."

>   * Which mailing list should I post these lame MacBSD questions to?  ;-)  One of the three you chose.


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