Subject: Re: swap in new kernel
To: Sean Sweda <>
From: William Colin Wood <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/09/1995 09:04:31
> I picked up a copy of the 8/4 kernel, and rebooted.  It won't
> use the swap partition on my second drive.  It can successfully
> swapon /dev/sd0b, but not /dev/sd1b (it says device not configured).
> I went back to the 7/14 kernel and everything is rosey.

If I remember correctly, to get a kernel to recognize more than one swap 
partition, you have to explicitly give it that option in the kernel config file.  
There should be a config line like so (this is the one from the GENERIC kernel):

config          netbsd  swap generic

You can instead specify devices after the swap (or dump) keywords, and it won't 
use the defaults (which is to have only 1 swap partition).  At least, this is the 
way it works under 4.3 BSD, and I'm assuming that NetBSD should allow it as well.

On the subject of swap space, does anyone know if NetBSD allows you to mount /tmp 
in swap space?  It might be interesting to try it just to see if it works.

Colin Wood