Subject: Re: Some help with disklabel please?
To: Henry B. Hotz <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/07/1995 17:24:32
> Background:
> I've read the man page on disklabel.
> Wormhole binaries from around 7-25 or so, kernel Generic-31 from April
> something.
> IIcx CPU
> Assorted disks:  MacBSD is on sd1a at SCSI 1 with the standard A/UX
> partitioning (except no swap and disklabel thinks the MacOS partition is
> sd1b), swap is on sd4b at SCSI 4 (whole disk except for the partition map).
> The other disks/partitions are unused/unreferenced under MacBSD so far.

One thing which you need to keep in mind is that the unit numbers (1 or
4 in your example) are the number of units ATTATCHED, in order. They
are not the number of the SCSI address. Also, there can be a difference
between the numbers as seen by the installer and by the kernel. The
installer says everything (disks, CD-ROMs, scanners (??), printers
(??)) is an sdxy, whereas the kernel says only hard disks are sdxy.

Ex in my system:

SCSI  Type                           Installer ID   Kernel ID

 0    Apple 80 MB w/o UNIX stuff          sd0         sd0
 1    Quantum drive w/ UNIX stuff         sd1         sd1
 2    Toshiba CD-ROM                      sd2         cd0  <-
 6    Quantum drive w/o UNIX stuff        sd3         sd2

> I try something like "disklabel -e -r sd1" and it says there is no label on
> the disk.  I try something like "disklabel -e sd1" and I can fix everything
> to match reality, but the changes are ignored.
> So. . . Two questions:  First, how do I use disklabel under MacBSD;  do I
> need to build something like a disktab file first;  or is it just not
> functioning yet?  Second, is there a man page that lists the allowed
> filesystem types?

Leave disktab alone. The system sets it (correctly, as far as I can tell)
on boot. The real reason for writing it is for systems where NetBSD is the
native OS and as such must partition the drive. We (must) use MacOS
programs to do this instead.

So why do you want to change the disktab?

If you want, EMail me your disk setup and we can figure out what's up.

Oh, and check out the mount manpage (and mount-cd9600, etc) for filesystem

Take care,