Subject: Re: Some help with disklabel please?
To: Henry B. Hotz <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/07/1995 19:21:01
> So. . . Two questions:  First, how do I use disklabel under MacBSD;  do I
> need to build something like a disktab file first;  or is it just not
> functioning yet?  Second, is there a man page that lists the allowed
> filesystem types?

1)  It's not functioning, yet.  I am still thinking about how to handle
this.  I'm currently leaning toward continuing an improved version of
the current system for disks that will share with MacOS.  On disks that
are dedicated to BSD, however, we will handle the standard disklabels.

2) ls /sbin/mount*:
/sbin/mount_ados /sbin/mount_cd9660 /sbin/mount_fdesc
/sbin/mount_kernfs /sbin/mount_lfs /sbin/mount_mfs /sbin/mount_msdos
/sbin/mount_nfs /sbin/mount_null /sbin/mount_portal /sbin/mount_procfs
/sbin/mount_umap /sbin/mount_union

That's most of 'em...  I don't think there's a man page, per se, but the
mount man page references the others...


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