Subject: Installing BSD on a IIvx
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thomas Bj|rn Andersen <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/07/1995 21:18:58
rkane@tif200 (Rick Kane) wrote:
> I have a IIvx and I'm excited to see traffic concerning a relatively 
> stable macbsd for the IIvx.  What I can't seem to locate is info on
> how to install the IIvx version that I've seen you guys talking about.
Here's what I did:

First format your most favourite harddisk according to the Install-howto and use the mkfs util.

Now comes the boring part: you need to install all the files from the 1.0 dist. This is done using the installer util as described in the installation notes. There is a catch: I mailed Allan Briggs and he told that if you want to use the recent XWindows dist (which is 8 MB in filesize, the old one is 16MB) you have to have the new release of the binaries. These can be obtained from the puma archive,, under a directory called snapshots. Installing the files will take quite some time, more like several hours, so have a nice book handy :)

The only thing left now is to install the kernal, the one called netbsd.iivx from the puma archive. This is a bit tricky. The easiest thing is to copy the file to the root of your harddisk (let's call it Marvin). Now go to the install util, select mini-shell, and type: 
cd /
cpin Marvin:netbsd.iivx /netbsd

I think you might need to change the files desribed in IIsi howto, but I'm not sure that counts anymore seeing that you will be running from internal video.

Now set your screen to 1-bit, start up Booter 1.6 and go to the preferances. MAke sure that you are not using grey bars, serial console, and serial echo. Tell the booter that your kernel is on NetBSD by clicking the radio button and set the boot volume to whatever you called your USR & ROOT vol (in my case, using FWB HD toolkit, A/UX ROOT).

That's it, now select the menuitem "boot now" and you should pop into Unix after a few minutes....

If it doesn't work, please write me, I might have left something out :-)

FYI I'm running on: IIvx 12MB RAM, 1MB VRAM 700 MB internal HD, BSD installed on external 270MB SyQuest. I'm still using the old 1.0 release, but as soon as I find the time (later tonight) I'm going to try to install the new snapshots as well as X-Windows...



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