Subject: linuxdoc-sgml 1.2
To: MacBSD General <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: William Colin Wood <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/06/1995 16:21:40
I was wondering if anyone has managed to get linuxdoc-sgml 1.2 to compile 
under NetBSD.  I'm re-writing the FAQ and most of the other information 
in the linuxdoc DTD format, but without the translator, it is rather hard 
to convert it into more useful formats.  I can do the HTML conversion on 
one of the SPARC's at school, but I would rather be able to do all of the 
possible conversions at home.  (BTW, the linuxdoc DTD is a format for 
documents that is easily converted into latex, text, or HTML).  I've 
tried to get the linuxdoc-sgml program to compile, but it keeps bombing 
on the first target.

Anyway, I'm just about done converting the old FAQ to more fully take 
advantage of the linuxdoc format.  In doing so, I've converted the 
previous FAQ into about 3 separate documents.  The real reason I did this 
is because the conversion to HTML looks better for the FAQ, but I also 
think that it helps in reducing the size of the FAQ itself.  Anyway, the 
new docs are based heavily on the format of the linux documentation, so 
here are the three parts:

1) The NetBSD/mac68k FAQ -- the standard frequently asked questions and 

2) The Meta-FAQ -- basically a list of where to obtain information about 

3) NetBSD/mac68k Operating System Information -- a list of working 
features, software, hardware, etc.

There will also be a master index document which has pointers to the 
above three documents plus pointers to all of the HOWTO's and other 

I am just now starting to update the actual information contained in the 
previous FAQ.  I would like some feedback on what I've done so far.  I 
have HTML versions of the docs at the following URL:

The file index.sgml.html is the table of contents of the index document.
The file faq.sgml.html is the table of contents of the new FAQ.
The file info.sgml.html is the table of contents of the info sheet.
The file meta-faq.sgml.html is the TOC of the meta-faq.

Please send me any suggestions you have as to what information might need 
to be included in the FAQ, Meta-FAQ, or the info sheet.