Subject: Re: Questions...
To: Christian Taylor <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/03/1995 20:50:34
> I was wondering if it's possible
> for someone to make some screen shots of MacBSD and send them to me, just
> so I see what it looks like.

It's not really possible to send you screen shots, but someone could
send you dumps of X screens.  I'm not sure why this might be necessary
as it's pretty much like any other mono X session...

> (what are these grey bars people talk about?)

Obsolete...  ;-)  The current kernels should use text debugging instead
of gray bars.

> Also, will MacBSD work with the Mac II I'm getting?

Well, that depends.  You should make sure that it has a PMMU in it.  The
Mac II's CPU is a 68020 which didn't have an MMU built-in.  Apple had
something called an HMMU that most machines were shipped with--this
allowed one to do basic, fixed memory mapping.  To run A/UX (or maybe
even the MacOS with VM--I'm not sure), you need a real MMU (Motorola 68851).

> And what is the absolute minimum amount of disk space I'll need to install?

If you want X, you'll want to use as much of that 105 as you can spare.
If you want to compile stuff, too, you'll definitely want to use as much
of it as you can.


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