Subject: July 14 kernel (and others)
To: NetBSD Alice <>
From: Benjamin D Johnson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 08/02/1995 17:17:13
I've been working on upgrading to a -current kernel, with no luck. 

the 1Aug GENERIC and WORMHOLE kernels and the 14July kernel (from 
-current directory in germany) lock the system at the Launch window after 

	So sez to him... The real way
	that it should be done is to:

mouse frozen, clock frozen, etc

a couple of other times (1.0-patched kernel, I think), everything seemed to 
come up, until I got a repeated (scrolling, rather) message saying that 

"Process (pid 1) got signal 10"

I am assuming that this means that the kernel cannot execute because 
other programs (daemons, etc ??) are not compatible with the kernel.

Thanks for any suggestions or sympathy.

Ben Johnson
U of MN - IT
Electrical Engineering