Subject: Re: X11R6 before and after shared libraries
To: Ken Nakata <,>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/31/1995 19:11:37
> Are you talking about setting the bit depth from within X? If so, please tell
> me how you set the bit depth?

No, you should set the bit depth to 1 with *Monitor Contorol Panel*
before booting MacBSD.  I *think* I heard the console driver worked
with color depth more than 1, but I also heard it was slow.

> BTW, twm cores as soon as I start X. I didn't think that would make
> any difference to performance but maybe it does.

Hm... I don't remember I've experienced this...  How's your .twmrc, or
system-wide default twmrc?  (ok, I admit it's a shot in the dark)

> I do have 8 MB of RAM. Thanks.

Now I have 20M, but I used to run X with 8M just fine.