Subject: Re: print to a laserwriter
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Sean Sweda <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/31/1995 17:25:20
On Mon, 31 Jul 1995 09:48:23 +0500 Kevin scrawled:
>I do this all the time on a Sun running SunOS (BSD 4.3).
>The simplest test to see if the signals are getting through is to cat a file
>to the printer:
>cat file_name > /edv/tty00

hmm, it sends ok the first time, (of course nothing prints, but
at least I get my shell prompt), but everytime afterwards it hangs

>I compaired your printcap against mine and the only thing I see is
>yours> br=#9600
>mine > br#9600

oops, yeah you're right on that, no '=' necessary, I restarted the
daemons and queues, but still nothing

>The remaining flags are the same.
>Which LaserWriter?  The old LaserWriter II's had to have dip switches
>thrown.  Have you done this?  The dip switchs have the following meaning
>sw1  sw2
>Up   Up     - Local talk (RS-232 port disabled)
>Down Up     - Serial port 1200 baud
>Up   Down   - Serial port 9600 baud   * this is the one we use.
>Down Down   - RS-232 9600 buad / RS-422 0 baud

well, it's a laserwriter plus, it has a little switch you turn
to pick the mode, instead of dip switches, I've got it set on

a couple of things crossed my mind

1) is this the sort of thing that requires a null modem adapter/cable?
2) do I need to reboot?  I don't think so, but hey...

thanks for the suggestions


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