Subject: Re: mac system software version
To: Scott Lipcon <>
From: Space Case <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/30/1995 21:55:20
On Jul 30, 11:58pm, Scott Lipcon wrote:
>someone mentioned to me that he thought that macbsd was incompatable with 
>system 7.5.  is this true?

Works for me.  Mac II/PMMU, 8MB, Sys 7.5.1, Mode32-7.5, 32-bit addressing,
VM off, 1-bit video, extensions _on_ (albeit a limited set).

>I have had trouble getting it to boot, my system isn't supported officially.

Though the FAQ is old, it is still pretty accurate as to which systems it
will run on.  Basically Mac II w/PMMU thru IIsi.  Limited documentation on
such things as ADB and SCSI interface hinder efforts to make it run on
later machines.

> EXACTLY how should the mac side be 
>set up?  VM is OFF, 32-bit addressing is ON, monitor set for BW, booting 
>with no extensions, System 7.5, 10Mb RAM. 
>any ideas?  Can I boot from a system 6.0.7 floppy and then launch booter 
>from the mac hard disk?

What kind of system do you have, and what error do you get?


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