Subject: Re: What is the status of MacBSD w/o FPU?
To: Lars <lars@abc.GOV.AU>
From: Scott Lipcon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/28/1995 09:15:32
On Fri, 28 Jul 1995, Lars wrote:

> Hi 
> I have an LCII and is looking for information on the status of MacBSD
> for this model. The NetBSD/mac68k Machine Status (Last modified: 14
> November 1994) says the LCII "*may* work with FPU emulation or a 
> distribution compiled with -msoft-float". 
> Another caveat is a adb driver. The ROM ADB driver may work or may
> need research.
> Last I know Ken was working on the FPU emulation. How is that going
> or where could I get a compiled version with the -msoft-float option.
> Surely someone is using this option (!?).
> With the adb driver has anyone ever tried the new driver on the LCII ?
> I would appreciate any help as I am desparate to get UNIX at home. The
> only other possibility is MachTen at $1k!

	WOw... I have had NO luck getting MacBSD to run on my LC, with an 
accellerator that makes it basically a LCII.  I DO have a FPU, and I 
still can't get it running.  I should say that I haven't tried the 
absolute latest kernel, the last one that I tried was the netbsd.051695 
kernel that Allen Briggs recommended.  

	If the ADB is a problem, you should be able to boot it with the 
serial console turned on, right?  I didnt try that on my LC, does anyone 
think it will really work?


PS: Lars: if you get it going, I want to know EXACTLY what your setup is!

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