Subject: Re: IP-nrs.
To: noud de brouwer <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/23/1995 18:56:46
> I've got a genaral TCP/IP question, hope i may ask:
> If i've got 2 BSD hosts both having one ethercard and both having a serial
> ppp connection, does that kinda setup need 2, 4 or 6 IP-Nrs?

Are both boxes on the internet? If they can talk to each other through
the ether cards, then you'll need (as I understand it) 4 addresses.

The question is if there is an ambiguity in how one machine talks to the
other. If they each know to use ppp to the other, then 2 should be

Oh, you also want them to relay, don't you? That's why you said 6. Hmm.
I don't know enough about ppp serving to answer that.

One thing you could certainly do is use something like 126.0.0.x
addresses for the ppp connection (if you need an address that won't
be seen by other hosts). There is a branch of the IP address space
that was set aside (126.x.x.x I believe) for machines with a
seperate Ethernet just for NFS. The idea is you have two nets connecting
the machines. One's the main net where all the telnet, ftp goes. The
second is just for NFS, and only the machines on the wire will access
the NFS servers this way. So if you do need 6, two of them (the ppp
side ones) won't take up any of your assigned address space.

Hope this rambling helps!

Take care,


> Mutch ThanX
> noud