Subject: Re: 4 questions
To: Chris Jones <>
From: David Hornsby <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/21/1995 12:33:21
> From: Chris Jones <>
> Along a similar line, I've got cap (mostly) installed on a Unix box,
> and I have another Mac running System 7.5.  Now, the 7.5 machine has a
> printer hanging off its localtalk network.  I know that 7.5 allows
> printer sharing, so I'm looking for a way to have cap share this
> printer through the 7.5 Mac.

The "Network Software Installer" disk from Apple includes a "LaserWriter
Bridge" which "allows you to use a LocalTalk-based LaserWriter printer
whilst simultaneously using an Ethernet network ... If network access is
set to 'Public', all users on the Ethernet network, including the Macintosh
functioning as the bridge, will be able to print to the LaserWriter(s) on
the LocalTalk network."

The Network Software Installer disk is available from
in "apple_sw_updates/US/Macintosh/Networking & Communications/Network Software
Installer" as "ZM-NSI_1.5.1.hqx"

 - David.