Subject: Re: 4 questions
To: Aaron Rosenzweig <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/19/1995 13:24:00
> 1.) How to format floppies, do FORMAT or FDFORMAT commands exist?

Floppies are not supported under NetBSD/mac68k (they are on other
platforms, like the Atari TT and i386).  Why?  Apple.  The IWM and SWIM
are different, there's 6502 code running around somewhere to control the
IWM on a IIgs, but nothing more than that that I know of.  Perhaps
something could be done with the Mac ROM Glue, but getting these floppies
to work is kind of a black art, I think.

> 3.) Can MacBSD support apple PostScript printers?

Sort of.  If you have, say, a HP LJ 4si on an ethernet network or
something, the standard printer daemon should be able to use it.  If
you need LocalTalk, you're out of luck unless you have another mac
that can be a printer daemon (via MachTen or lpDaemon software).

> Will appletalk for A/UX version 2.0 work with MacBSD?



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