Subject: I wrote an article....
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From: Aaron David Rosenzweig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/19/1995 08:12:10
.....and it was published in the Macintosh Internet Journal!
It's about running MacBSD on the Macintosh.

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From: (Aaron Anderson)
Subject: Mac Net Journal - July 15, 1995

        Hello to all!

        Sorry about the delay in getting this notice out to you all but the
latest issue of Mac Net Journal is hot off the presses - ok, its actually
been out for three days now, but due to problems with our emailing system
our notice got a little delayed.

        This issue contains in interview with two well known digital
artists talking about what they do and what they do it with, running Unix
on your Mac, Macintosh computers in Mexico, plus shareware reviews, help
wanteds and plenty of Internet News as always.

        Check it out at:

        On the World Wide Web:

        Via ftp:

        It should also be available on AOL in the Internet Connection area
as well as on Compuserve and eWorld in its usual spots.  Of course, now
most people on commercial servers can FTP copies from the above spots, so
give that a try if you like :)

        Thanks for your support and your readership!

Aaron Anderson

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