Subject: powercache 50MHz for $300
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/17/1995 18:29:44

I just got a catalog from APS and found this possibly of interest of

They have following closeouts, most of them at less than half price:

Daystar Turbo 040 33MHz - for IIvi, IIvx, P600, IIci, IIsi, IIcx, IIx,
II and SE/30						$499.95
Value 040 W/FPU - for LC or Performa			$499.95
50MHz PowerCache W/FPU - for SE/Classic family and IIci, IIvi, IIvx or
P600							$299.95
Adapters for Q700, II, LC, LCII, and LCIII		$59.95 ea

They don't list more detailed info in the catalog, so please call them
for more info at 1-800-443-4996 (don't mail me! ;-).

I was tempted to buy 50MHz PowerCache, but instead, I'm getting a used
Micron Xceed 8bit color card from someone in MA.  I'm not affiliated
with APS in any way other than being a happy customer of their
external drive.  As I say, I just thought it might be of your interest
(I still think there might be a *slight* chance that MacBSD runs on a
II-class machine with an '040 accelerator... anyone want to try?).

Oh yes, they also have Toshiba XM3601-based quad-speed CD-ROM drive
at $349.95.  MacBSD's CD-ROM driver is known to work with Toshiba
3401, so I think 3601 will be no problem.  Just thought I'd let you
know (I'm not buying any of these because of financial reasons ;-).

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