Subject: Re: Xisms
To: None <>
From: Daniel Risacher <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/15/1995 14:07:51
>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Vogan <> writes:

    Erik> 	wrong!  I have a IIx, and any kernel after mrg
    Erik> supported was grafted in (I haven't tried them all, but all
    Erik> of the ones that I've tried) has had the braindead 'A' key
    Erik> problem.  This is for all kernels from at least april on.
    Erik> Period.  Not just control A, not under a certain window
    Erik> manager, not just on tuesdays!  So that theory just went
    Erik> down in flames (at least for the IIx and the mrg based
    Erik> kernels).  Someone (I'm sorry, I really don't remember who)

Well, after I got the IIsi to work, and before my HD died, I played
with X, and the 'a' problem *was* intermitent. This was definitely an
MRG kernel. I saw it only under twm and vtwm, and it *did* depend on
the keybindings of the window manager.  I guessed that it involves
the fact that the 'A' keycode = 0.  I didn't try any other wm's.

    Erik> 							erik
    Erik> vogan

-Dan Risacher