Subject: Re: Xisms
To: William Colin Wood <>
From: Valtteri Vuorikoski <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/14/1995 18:09:05
William Colin Wood has randomly hit several keys, resulting in
> Note that the numbers are probably wrong, you need to compile a copy of 
> xev (it's in the standard X distribution, so you can get it from 
> or its mirrors) and use it to determine what keycodes the arrow 
> keys are sending out.

 Apparently they're just the scancodes, and I have a list of those (keyboard.h
is one)

> As to a fix for the missing "a" key, I haven't heard of one yet, and at 
> about the time the "a" key goes, so do the left and right arrow keys.  
> Quite annoying, I must say.  Also, for the wrapping mouse problem, I 

 Looks like some window managers bring out this behavior. fvwm 2.0 always
had it, fvwm 1.24r only has it with control-a, I didn't notice either on
twm or tvtwm.

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