Subject: Re: There is a free unix for the 040
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tom Rowlands <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/11/1995 08:17:53
One fine sunny day, someone (Not sure whoŠ) said:
> PATMOS is not MacMiNT. Last I looked it didn't do much. I take this means that
>there something's happened with it ? Also, last I looked, Patmos only supported
>the 040 MMU, not 030.

PATMOS is definatly not MacMiNT. And MacMiNT isn't PATMOS. Now, thats all
perfectly clear isn't it? :-) PATMOS does apparently run MacBSD apps,
although I don't know which ones, how well it works, or other important
things like if runs multiple, or if they are protected from each other.

I did have a readme style document around here somewhereŠ I can't find it
tho. I tried to download it, but it was huge, and the link was s l o w.
(For me anywayŠ)

>>         There is a lot of comotion happening now with MacMint.  Sounds
>> like people are going to make it a lot like MachTen.
> MacMiNT or Patmos ? (-: What's the mailing list subscription address
>for MacMiNT ? I was on it once a long time ago.

Is there *any* dev for MacMiNT any more? Last time I looked, it worked,
even on a 630 with MacOS 7.5.1. :-) but didn't do much, and it wasn't
really a whole OS. Or didn't seem to beŠ

What's the beef?

>'Good-bye and hello, as always'

YeahŠ Whatever. :-)



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