Subject: Re: I wonder
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tom Rowlands <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/11/1995 08:28:02
Hey! I revieved some email! :-) It went somthing like this:
>>         Is it possible that some of these latest happenings might help
>> us out too?  We could incorporate some of their work into NetBSD?
>I'd bet so. I've been lurking w/ respect to the ppc stuff; I don't own
>one yet. :-)

Yet being the operative word? LOL.

>I think if we credited the authors, it should be doable. Though the FreeBSD
>group might be a closer target since the kernels should be much more

Why FreeBSD?

>Check out the linux-ppc ftp site,
>They have lots of specs on binary file types.

Is this good or bad? It is good in the repect that if they didn't have
them, we couldn't nick them. Otherwise it is bad in the fact that they have
'em and we ain't. Can we nick em? (I shouldn't really say we, because I
wouldn't be able to help with anything but comments. Oh wellŠ Ignorance is
sometimes a virtue.)_

>We should use the fact that Apple is supporting them (w/ info) against
>Apple. Apple should be able to tell us some about how the I/O works
>as they're soon going to be out of the 68k business (timeline ~ a
>year or so, IMHO). Hell, since A/UX is dead, let us have the source!

Yeah sure. They will probably want to keep the source there own in order to
help with dev. of the upcoming PPC version of somthing like A/UX. Which is
fair enough, but annoying. :-)

>>         I was also thinking...even though Apple doesn't want to help us
>> out, what about a company like Connectix?  I wonder if they'd give us the
>> internal Macintosh information we'd love to have.
>Uhm, we'd have to watch out for N.D.E.'s.

Unless we (You.) didn't get any. :-)



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