Subject: Re: I wonder
To: Aaron Rosenzweig <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/10/1995 11:20:25
>         Is it possible that some of these latest happenings might help
> us out too?  We could incorporate some of their work into NetBSD?

What "these latest happenings" are you referring to? (please note that
I'm not trying to be hostile or anything)

If you are referring to that Linux/PPC announcement, IMO it was
totally out of the line here since it doesn't even support PMac, er,
yet, nor related to NetBSD in any way.  I don't think their achievement
would help us, MacBSD user/developer community, either.

>         I was also thinking...even though Apple doesn't want to help us
> out, what about a company like Connectix?  I wonder if they'd give us the
> internal Macintosh information we'd love to have.

Chances are Connectix got their information (if at all) by signing in