Subject: Re: SE/30, Micron, dt, X11 Success
To: Tres Hofmeister <tres@rap.ucar.EDU>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/07/1995 14:12:28
> 	I found this morning that dt and the X11R6 server both work
> just fine on my SE/30 with the Micron Xceed Color 30 card, using a
> kernel built from sources supped late last night, with no modification
> requried.  Bravo!  Thanks, Allen!

I aim to please...  ;-)

> 	Unfortunately, PPP or something related seems to have broken at
> the same time.

A lot of the PPP and network stuff has changed over the last few
days/weeks.  The PPP is now a newer version and the network code
uses a more consistent set of data structures.  I wasn't personally
involved in these changes, so I might be somewhat off...  ;-)

You can try a piecemeal update of the networking userland binaries,
or you can wait for the next snapshot.


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