Subject: Re: vnd0b?
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/04/1995 23:07:18
> Does [Mac|Net]BSD support swapping to a virtual disk yet?  Or is the
> vnd stuff in sys/arch/mac68k/conf/PUMA just in there for forward
> compatibility?

I haven't gotten around to doing anything with it (actually don't have
much free disk space at the moment and can't afford to get any even with
prices dropping, but that's just an excuse)-:  

> And if it is supported, what do I need to know besides vnconfig and
> swapon?

You need to configure it into the kernel as a swappable disk.  You need
to create a file, vnconfig it, and swapon.  I think.  Steve Allen has
attempted and used it, I believe.  I will certainly be using it soon if
things work out (but not for swapping)...


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