Subject: Re: ps and kernel incompatibilities
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/03/1995 14:35:06
On Mon, 3 Jul 1995 14:04:31 -0600 
 Chris Jones <> wrote:

 > For several weeks now, w hasn't worked with the kernel I've got.  I
 > recently installed a kernel from June 28 sources, and now ps doesn't
 > work, either.  Doing a "make" in src/sys/bin/ps doesn't produce
 > anything that understands things any better.  What should I do?
 > procps works, but it's annoying...

You're going to need to reinstall the includes, rebuild libkvm, and then 
rebuild all of the utilities that use libkvm.  This was discussed on the 
`current-users' mailing list .. if you're running -current, you'll want 
to make sure you're on that list...

 > Also, I can't get "make build" to work.  It dies on a conflict between
 > src/lib/libterm/tputs.c and /usr/include/curses.h.  (Should it even be
 > looking in /usr/include for header files?)

Install the curses.h from src/lib/libcurses first.  I agree, it's 
annoying, but I've seen some discussion about it.

 > On a related note, is there a make argument I can give that won't do a
 > clean of all the directories?  It seems to me like it kind of defeats
 > the purpose of using make in the first place if you remove all your
 > object files before you start compiling.

You could just `make'.  I usually delete the `lib' and `include' subdirs 
from the toplevel makefile, install the includes first, 
depend/build/install in lib, and the depend/build/install from toplevel.

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