Subject: Re: big disk blues
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 07/02/1995 14:48:33
[ Sorry about the long time for this response--hopefully it's not all
  moot by now.  ]

> Sunday morning, I partitioned the disk with Silverlining and 
> ran mkfs (from the Mac OS) on the root&usr filesystem.  At 
> the end, I got an error which was something like:
> cg 0: bad magic number

Ugh...  This is probably because the disk is too big, but I'm not sure.

> Newfs said it was 103, and 
> mkfs said it was 118, which agrees with Silverlining and the 
> manufacturer's data.

I don't know why the two are different.  I think that NetBSD calculates
it whereas the MacOS utilities query the drive.

> So now that I had my root&usr filesystem on the big disk, I 
> decided to install NetBSD.  I ran the install utility and 
> selected the SCSI # and I got an error that was something 
> like:
> bad dir: ino 2

Yeah...  newfs under NetBSD creates ufs level 2 file systems.  The MacOS
utilities create and understand level 1 file systems.  I don't know all
the differences, but they are not compatible...

> Did I do something wrong, or is this a limitation of the 
> installation utility?

You did nothing wrong.  It's the installer's fault.
I hope to fix this before the next release.

> I realize this is because I have the swap space on sd1b 
> instead of on sd0b.  My question is, will this adversely 
> affect performance?

I don't _think_ it will affect anything adversely.  You
might want to recompile a kernel that explicitly puts the
primary swap on sd1b, though.


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