Subject: Re: PC-Linux -> MacBSD cross dev?
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/29/1995 14:54:37
> Hi and thanks to everybody who tried to help me with my IIsi problems. I
> finally managed to get netbsd.950508 and Booter 1.6 but it still crashes.
> Right after "grf0 at nubus0" comes a trap 2, followed by several screenfuls
> of "panic: Illegal instruction". So it's an easy guess that my SuperMac
> Spectrum 8.24 PDQ is the one to blame but I don't want to rip it out
> everytime I use MacBSD.

Probably.  Are you booting up with the SuperMac as your primary screen?
Can you try using internal video instead and see if it's any better?

> For that end I need a 68k code generator for gcc and gas which shouldn't be
> any problem. But what else? Which format does the MacBSD kernel have? Can a
> PC-Linux linker produce so a thing? Has anyone ever tried it? Any hints?

The kernel is the same format as the other NetBSD executables--a.out.  I
was able to get gcc, gas, and ld setup in a cross-compile environment under
MachTen a while back.  My suggestion is to use the NetBSD source for ld
and probably gas.  gcc-2.7.0 should configure fine with
"./configure --target=m68k-apple-NetBSD1.0A"

> While I'm at it, what is this rom glue stuff? Does MacBSD use ROM routines?
> Why? Is it just a temporary hack or is it bound to stay?

It depends.  It is using ROMs for some things (well, ADB, anyway).  It
may be possible to revert back, but ROM glue might be a cheap way to get
support for other devices (like floppy, sound?, etc.).

I don't really like the idea of having it in there.  If it's not buying
us more than ADB, it might be useful to ditch it at some point.  There's
someone out there who's done a lot of hacking to get IIsi ADB (almost?
fully?) functional without the mrg code.

> PS: I hope I don't get flamed for mentioning *PC* and *Linux* on a *Mac* and
> *NetBSD* list :-).

Only by ignorant savages that haven't gotten over the "my `pc' is bigger
than yours" stage of development.  PC's, Macs, NetBSD, and Linux all
have valid uses.


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