Subject: Re: Pine/pico
To: Mack Nagashima <mackn@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/28/1995 14:48:20
	I compiled pine/pico up for NetBSD/sparc -current a month back ok.
	I think I may have needed to modify the routine for reading in
	a file file to memory - but I cannot remember for sure.

	Try compiling out of the box as it were & if it doesn't read options
	from the .pinerc get back to me & I'll dig around & figure out what
	I did :)

		David (MIME)  +44 171 477 8186  {post,host}master   (abs)
Network Analyst, UCS, City University, Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB.

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Mack Nagashima wrote:

> 	I was wondering if pine and pico were available for 
> there a port or can i just compile the sources as is without changes?
> 	Oh..another there a list of working ethernet cards 
> yet or is that still in the works?  
> -Mack