Subject: Re: Listen to me, NOW!!!
To: Timothy Howe <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/27/1995 17:18:12
> I have been trying to get off of this list for months now.  I have sent
> numerous ubscribe requests, but they have been ignored.
> I even had the account de-activated for a brief period, and when I returned I 
> was still subscribed!  Can someone either please let me off or tell me the
> correct paths to take in order to get off.

If you have problems with subscriptions, please try sending mail to
the list owner directly.  Failing that, send mail to me, personally.
If those both fail, send mail to the list, but chances are, if both the
first fail to get any results, no one on the regular list can help.

You should at least get a bounce or a notification of removal.  The
proper method is to send a note to that says:

	unsubscribe macbsd-general

If you are asking for removal from a machine other than the one from
which you subscribed, you must tack on the address under which you
subscribed.  For example:

	unsubscribe macbsd-general

or some such.  This will require some manual intervention by the list
owner, so it will take longer.

Try the first, if it doesn't work, try the latter.  If you don't
remember which address you subscribed under, send the message

	which th3i+

to  It will return information about which
lists you're on under that name--it will also give the full address
that it has for you.

If you have any further problems, send private mail to me.


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