Subject: Re: Zip drive formatting
To: =CEC= Clifford "Piyo-kun" CAOILE <>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/26/1995 06:16:03
On Sun Jun 18 22:58:01 1995, =CEC= Clifford "Piyo-kun" CAOILE wrote:

>[ "Dameon D. Welch" <> writes: ]
>>Well this explains why the drives are reported to work real well with
>>the Silverlining Drivers...
>    Can you expand on this point? I've partitioned a Zip disk into 3
>    32K segments with APS tools with no problems. Does Zip disk operations
>    work better with the Silverlining drivers?

I believe the original point was the ZIP drives having a "guest"
program that allows you to mount the cartridges on someone else's
system if they don't have the ZIP stuff on their drive.

Silverlining is really nice in that the only thing you need for the
SyQuest's on someone elses system is something like SCSI Probe that
does a "force" mount check if the SyQuest drive is not powered up and
a cartridge ready when the system does its scan at the inital startup.

>>If it's anything like the SyQuest, you should have a pretty easy time
>    That's the thing... "Anything like a SyQuest"! ^_^;
>    It's made by Iomega, who (as far as I can infer) is they're chief
>    competitor. I don't think they'd do things the same way, but...

Well, my point is that I ran beautifully with a SyQuest running
Silverlining drivers for quite some time before I gave up on NetBSD
(for now). If the Silverlining drivers are supposed to work great with
the ZIP drive, I would suggest trying those with the ZIP drive and
seeing how well it works.

>    One other note: A new drive is coming from Iomega, the makers of 
>    the Zip Drive. It's prototype name is "Viper" and it holds about a 
>    GIG of data. It's almost exactly the same spec as the Zip drive, 
>    $100 a disk, and other unimportant stuff.. If we can get the Zip 
>    drive up for people, imagine the extra joy... of a GIG of space! 

I'd buy that in a heartbeat! Of course, it depends on how fast the
drive(s) are. ;-)

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