Subject: Re: FPU for the IIsi -- Which one?:q
To: None <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/21/1995 10:13:36
> Hello there.   I'm trying to get BSD to work on my Mac IIsi, but need an FPU.
>  I've called around and this is the info. I've got.  I don't know which one
> to buy, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Just a note to explain what's up. Please ignore if you already knew this. :-)

Apple wanted to keep the IIsi cheep, so they didn't want to put an FPU, nor
even the socket, on the motherboard. Also the case was too short to handle
NuBus cards standing vertical, so they needed the expansion cards to be
horizontal, and a little card to connect from the expansion card to the
motherboard. Apple decided this board would be a great place for an FPU.

So what you're buying is really an expansion extender which happens to have
the FPU on it.

> PERIPHERAL OUTLET   800-256-6581
>    two slot PTA style, fits in PDS slot, runs at 25 Mhz.
>    $119

PTA style? It comes with a bake sale?

>    Dual slot PDS   (extra slot open, but doesn't need to be filled.)  $149
>    NuBus (also need a NuBus card)  $149

I don't think you NEED the NuBus card for the FPU to work, but you'll
commit yourself to using NuBus for any expansion cards you buy.

> MACZONE  800-436-0606
>    Don't carry it.  But I would just like to say that I was surprised when
> they recommended other people I could call...  Bravo MacZone!


> DAYSTAR DIGITAL  800-962-2077
>    An accelator with an FPU   $450
> DIIMO TECHNOLOGIES   800-503-4466
>    An accelator with an FPU   $559
> The latter two are quite out of my price range...  But, any suggestions y'all
> have on the first two would be greatly appreciated...

It depends on what kind of add-on cards you want to buy. Then go for the
least-expensive name you trust. :-)

Take care,