Subject: Some new user questions
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/20/1995 23:08:09
I've got NetBSD running on my SE30.  I've got a mixture of somewhat-current
and 1.0 binaries (current base & man) and X11R6.  The kernel I'm using is Allen 
Brigg's netbsd.051695.  I want to thank everyone invloved for making it possible
for me to have a Unix machine to play around with and learn on.  

I've got a few questions...

(1) When I try to use the current WORMHOLE or GENERIC kernels from Steve
Allen, the system won't boot.  It gets to (on both) ...

    ... grf0 at nubus0

and freezes

I'm happy with what I'm running now, but I can't seem to get ps to work well.
I've got it to where I can grap the pid (which is all I REALLY need, but the 
name of the process has all kinds of ^M^M's in it.  Anyone know what I'll gain 
if I can get the above mentioned kernels running.  (On the other hand, anyone 
know what I might lose (i.e. bugs that are introduced) )

(2) I cannot figure out how to logon as su.  I have no problem as root, but
I'd rather use su.  

(3) I thought I read in the install instructions that there were
two FORTRAN compilers.  Not that I'm that interested in FORTRAN, but
I can't seem to find the compilers.

(4) Anyone know if Motif is offered for MacBSD.  The main reason I'd like
to use Unix at home is to practice programming in C and creating X 
applications.  Xt is fine, but it seems that Motif is the way to go.

(3) The FIRST time I type startx or xinit I get ...

    Fatal Server Error;
    Can't run X server with no screens!
    X connection to :0.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

BUT, the second time I type the command it works.

(4) On a (probably) releated note, any recommendations on a sys admin
book for a guy who knows a little about alot but alot about nothing.
I mean, I can program a little in C and read code and I've written a
handful of shell scripts, but I've only been working in the Unix 
environment for less than a year.

Again, thanks to everyone involved in MacBSD.  I hope I can contirbute
to your efforts in the future.

Patrick Nunez