Subject: garbled message
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Aaron Rosenzweig <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/19/1995 22:32:48
        My prior message got garbled so I'm sending it again:

Subject: Yeah Zip!

        I beasted out, ROAR!!!  I got MacBSD going on me Zip Drive,
this is what I did which may not be the best.

        Using APS Power Tools v2.7.3, I formated my Zip Disk for A/UX v3.0
When it asked for a number for the root and user partition I picked the
biggest one it allowed then the others I picked the only option it gave.
Upon clicking "mount" I asked it to replace the drivers with APS ones.
Then clicking "install" I gave it a cool removeable drive looking icon.

        I used the Mac app "MakeFS" to how many Tracks/Cylinder, etc. that
my 80 meg external drive had.  I reckoned that 80 megs would be a close
enough model for my 95 meg Zip disk.

        Using the Mac app "MakeFs" the Zip drive came up mostly with
Zeroes in key areas.  These values I either used or replaced.  Spots
that were blank I left blank:
Sector Size     512
Sectors/Track   38
Track/Cylinder  4
Num Cylinders   1120

        After installing the software with the Mac build app I booted.
The Zip disk popped out and I immediately stuck it back in.  That did it,
I got the Basic MacBSD going without Xwindows!

        Now I know this question I'm about to ask shouldn't go here but
I'm anxious!  I'll be getting some books on BSD 4.3 soon but could someone
tell me how to have MacBSD running off of my 80 meg external but put
Xwindows stuff on a Zip disk and tell MacBSD to look for it there?
80 meg external is - sd2 and scsi ID 3
Zip Drive is - sd3 and scsi ID 6

        I tried exploding Xwindows on the Zip drive but there wasn't enough

        Take care,

The bearded Tubist, son of Ginger and Harry, Aaron Rosenzweig.