Subject: Re: X windows
To: David C. Myers <>
From: Ken Nakata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/19/1995 12:02:36
> Valtteri wrote:
> > Most of them should be pretty trivial to port. Some are available
> >on your friendly local mirror. Personally I like fvwm.
> >
> With some odd exceptions...I run fvwm too, which is available in binary
> form from the Amiga archives.  I tried to port olvwm, and got a working
> executable that looked okay, but the mouse button would eventually stop
> working.  I think this is related to some of the general oddities in the X
> server, like the disappearance of the "a" key.

I exeperienced this exact same anomaly with tvtwm and another wm that
I built.  Also, sometimes mouse button bindings are messed up even
within twm (e.g. to restore iconified window, I had to do ctl-cmd-left
which is equivalent to ctl-middle under other X servers).

I'm sorry I can't provide with more detailed information.  I wanted to
see raw X events with xev but it wasn't in the MacBSD X11R6
distribution.  I tried to ftp the xev source from which was
always too busy to accept my connection.  I really ought to buy a
CD-ROM drive soon...

(I'd appreciate if anyone could privately mail me about their CD-ROM
drive success/unsuccess stories.  Thanks)