Subject: Re: powerdown
To: macbsd mailing list <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andy Henson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/18/1995 17:46:49
>shutdown -r now
>If it's not elegant enough for you, would you mind telling us what you
>consider elegant?

(c) 1995 Associated Press

A software engineer living just outside of the Washington beltway hurled
himself to his death from the top of his office building early today.  This
was cited as the 17th "cyber-space" related death reported in the D.C. area
this month.

The engineer, despondent at the response he garnered from his posting to the
NetBSD mailing list, leaped to his death.  Neighbors reported that he
shouted "Shutdown -h now!" just before he plunged over the side of the building.

One witness, on the 3rd floor of the 15 story building reported that he
heard Mr. Henson scream, "NO WAIT!...Reboot now, Reboot now" as he passed
the open office window.

Dr. George Franklin, an area physician, noted in an interview that Mr.
Henson suffered from Cranial-Rectal Syndrome (CRS), which evidenced itself
in rapid mood swings and erratic USENET and mailing list postings.

Services will be held Monday at various URLs.