Subject: Re: Zip drive formatting
To: None <macbsd-general@NetBSD.ORG>
From: =CEC= Clifford "Piyo-kun" CAOILE <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/18/1995 22:58:01

    [ I apologize if this sounds more like fodder for ML than
      MacBSD.General. Oh yeah, Happy Father's Day! ]
[ "Dameon D. Welch" <> writes: ]
>Well this explains why the drives are reported to work real well with
>the Silverlining Drivers...

    Can you expand on this point? I've partitioned a Zip disk into 3
    32K segments with APS tools with no problems. Does Zip disk operations
    work better with the Silverlining drivers?

[ (Aaron David Rosenzweig) writes: ]
>>Then I had it install APS drivers and not the Iomega ones.  I think its
>>going to work plenty fine with MacBSD its just that I'm clueless about

    I've tried it with the APS drivers and the NetBSD panicked and did
    not boot. (I've been sort of busy, Mr. Briggs, sorry! I'll get that
    bug report out some time this week...) Whenever I use MacBSD, I
    unplug the drive's power and leave the drive's SCSI cable connected
    to my SE/30. MacBSD doesn't seem to mind.

[ "Dameon D. Welch" <> continues: ]
>If it's anything like the SyQuest, you should have a pretty easy time

    That's the thing... "Anything like a SyQuest"! ^_^;
    It's made by Iomega, who (as far as I can infer) is they're chief
    competitor. I don't think they'd do things the same way, but...

    One other note: A new drive is coming from Iomega, the makers of 
    the Zip Drive. It's prototype name is "Viper" and it holds about a 
    GIG of data. It's almost exactly the same spec as the Zip drive, 
    $100 a disk, and other unimportant stuff.. If we can get the Zip 
    drive up for people, imagine the extra joy... of a GIG of space! 
        (Source: MacWeek, an early June 1995 issue.)

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