Subject: Re: Zip drive formatting
To: Aaron David Rosenzweig <>
From: Dameon D. Welch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/17/1995 12:29:09
On Fri Jun 16 16:33:30 1995, Aaron David Rosenzweig wrote:

>	Yeah the drive is nonstandard.  Out of the box it comes with software
>to work on either a PC or a Mac.  Instead of standard 50 pin scsi it has
>25pin and comes with one 25-to-25 cable.  When MacBSD starts up it tells me
>that my 80meg PowerBook drive is scsi-1 while the Zip drive is scsi-2!

That doesn't necessarily mean the drives are different. Any "new" SCSI
devices are SCSI-2. My SyQuest 270, for instance.

>	The drive comes with a very small app called "guest" so that if
>you take the Zip drive to a Mac somewhere, you can hook it up and after
>the Mac is done booting you run "guest" off a floppy so that it will mount.

Well this explains why the drives are reported to work real well with
the Silverlining Drivers...

>	Apple's disk formatting utillity and APS Power Tools 3.something
>are too simplistic.  Using APS Power Tools 2.7.something that I got from
>the A/UX archive at Nasa I formated the Zip disk for A/UX version 3.
>Then I had it install APS drivers and not the Iomega ones.  I think its
>going to work plenty fine with MacBSD its just that I'm clueless about
>how to set up unix systems and the like.  I have a friend coming over
>tommorrow (he's a FreeBSD fanatic), I think together we'll get the Zip
>drive working.

If it's anything like the SyQuest, you should have a pretty easy time
of it. I used a SyQuest 270 as a root volume for a long time before I
gave up on NetBSD (at least for the moment).

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