Subject: Re: experiences, disk partitioning?
To: Christopher Ho <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/15/1995 09:06:19
> I never expected to be able to run a free UNIX on my Mac!

I'm glad you like it...  ;-)

> Things mostly work; I'm running X and PPP.  I've mounted 9660 CDs, but have
> not been able to read/write tapes.

Yeah...  I think the scsi driver needs some help before we can use tapes.
Bascially because the tape operations aren't being allowed to disconnect
and they're timing out.

> Unfortunately the current kernels don't seem to understand my keyboard; the
> only kernels that have worked for me were netbsd10.patched and the very first
> MRG kernel, both from Nov of last year:

Have you tried the netbsd.051695 from puma?

> I'd like to download some sources but don't really understand the disk
> partitioning scheme.  My MacOS partitions are at the end of the disk;
> disklabel shows me:

The problem is that we grab the first 8 partitions from the disk and
then assign them based on the info that we find on the filesystem type
stored in the parition info.  If the partition you want is right after
'b' on the disk, then please let me know what filesystem type you used
to set it up and with which formatting program.  You can send it just to
me, no need to send that to the whole list.  ;-)


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