Subject: Re: Problems booting a IIcx
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Olof Johansson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/08/1995 11:56:23
On Wed, 7 Jun 1995, Allen Briggs wrote:

> Well, it looks like you're temporarily out of luck.  You can get one of
> the current kernels off (051695 is what my
> IIcx (puma) has been running since that date).  The reason I say you are
> out of luck is that I don't think your video card's going to be quiet
> (it's going to keep sending interrupts) and that will interfere with the
> ethernet.  I.e., you can run NetBSD/mac68k without the ethernet card in
> the machine.  I hope to have this solved by the next release.

I've tried removing the ethernet card, and nothing changes. The 051695 
kernel didn't boot at all (last message i got was "enabling interrupts".
The only kernel on your system that gets further than that is the 040895 
kernel, it freezes at the same point as the kernels from cray-ymp.

NetBSD 1.0 gives the following line about grf0:

grf0 at nubus0: 640x480 1 color MacVideo (Macintosh Display Card) display

It displays 1 color no matter if I have 1 or 4 bitplanes configured.
My screen isn't 640x480 either, it's an A4 monitor (15", I don't know the 
resolution of it). And yes, I've tried booting your kernels with a 
640x480 monitor.