Subject: Re: IIsi success and difficulty
To: Mike Olson <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/07/1995 21:44:56
> Bill,
> 	Do you have an FPU with your IIsi?  I have gotten NetBSD to run on my

Yep, it does. In fact, it is running ok at the moment. The main intent of the
post was to express the few grumbles.

> I have been told that it needs an FPU to run BSD, but the IIsi doesn't come 
> standard with one...  I assume this is something I need to purchase from a 
> company like DayStar Digital (?).  If this is true, could someone give me a 
> list of one's they have had success with or have not had?

You might be able to buy one from DayStar, but the problem with the FPU on
a IIsi is getting a socket for it. :-)

In other words, there's no place to put it on the motherboard. You have to
buy an add-on card to do it. Things which do this are either of the Apple
expansion adapters, or certain IO cards that plug directly into the
motherboard. My computer has the Apple NuBus interface in it, so has the

If you want an Ethernet card in this computer, you probably can get an si-
specific one which will have a place for the FPU.

> Thanx all,
> Myke Olson (hoping he can get his crufty IIsi to run a decent OS).
> Environmentally a-Ware

Take care,