Subject: Re: mac port capabilities
To: Juha Inkari <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 06/01/1995 09:47:42
> I did also find the machine-status from, which is dated 14
> November 1994.

Rather out of date, but not a whole lot has changed...  I need to update
those files (sometime...).

> I wonder how the plans are materialized in the current sources (I see
> that Quadras and Powerbooks are identified and supported at some
> degree, but does the machine-status report need upgrading yet?).

Well, there has been some progress on the ADB front.  Nothing rolled
into the main sources, yet.  The Powerbooks and Quadras still don't
work, but a number of others do.

A lot of the work that I've been doing lately is basically restructuring
a few things and cleaning up.  I expect that I'll get to working on the
Quadra 700 stuff again by the end of the summer.  I think the fastest
machine for NetBSD/mac68k is currently the IIci w/ accel. that someone
had gotten to work.


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